Sam, Kea and Toby have been wondering about "Radio Waves" and how a radio works....
Their Wiki tries to explain how we can hear the radio at home!

Weeks 2 Onward...


Today in Room 12, we had a bit of a discussion about our own individual ideas about sound and how it is made. Is sound created by vibrations? If so, what is vibrating? Needless to say, many people were trying to justify their thoughts and understandings. We used "aMap " to help us organise our ideas and arguments. Please read these ideas and feel free to comment! We will be adding to this discussion as we experiment with sound.

Week One, Term 2.

Picture_18.png During the first week, we have been Tuning In to what we know. We are thinking about our thinking and understanding of Sound. Watch this space as we prove or disprove our ideas! As we Find Out and Sort Out during our Inquiry, we hope to elaborate on our ideas!
  • We are beginning to build on our own and other’s ideas about soundwaves.
  • We think we know quite a lot about sound but there are still things we need to know.
  • Some of us think that noises are louder in a smaller room.
  • We think that big shapes make low sounds and the smaller the shape the higher noise.
  • We know that the ear drum allows us to hear.
  • Room 12 wants to know a lot about sound.
  • Some of Room 12 think that vibrations and air are things to do with how we hear.
  • We are trying to work out how we hear.
  • Most people said that vibrations cause sound.
  • Room 12 is beginning to form their own theory about sound and vibrations.
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