Picture_16.png Many of us have identified Mount Cargill as our Maunga because we see it everyday and it reminds us of our home.
Check out Room 12's Mihi!

A mihi is a greeting that might incorporate our whakapapa. Room 12 has been learning to present and pronounce their mihi correctly as if they were introducing themselves for the first time. We tried to investigate our ancestry and to establish our Waka based on how our family arrived in Dunedin. Many of us feel at home under the watchful of eye of Mount Cargill and identified that as our Maunga because Dunedin would always be home. Some of us acknowledge a mountain that reminds us of our distant homes. Please feel free to offer us your feedback and suggestions - we would love to hear from you!





Watch as more of our Mihi follow these, hope you enjoyed them so far!
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