During our reading time, Kakariki and Whero reading groups have been discovering the World of Wiki Spaces. We have used 'SWOT' Analysis to help us consider the place of web 2 and learning communities for Room 12.

SWOT Analysis is a powerful technique for understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses in something, and for looking at the Opportunities and Threats there may be.

What stands out about the Home page?
What do you like most about the wiki site?
What are the benefits of having a wiki site?

What are the disadvantages of having a wiki space?
What Has not worked well on some of the wiki sites?
What are parents and other readers likely to see as weaknesses of the wiki spaces?

Where are the good opportunities facing us with the wiki site?
What did you find interesting about the other classes reading their wiki sites??

What obstacles do we face with out wiki sites?
What could go wrong with the wiki site??
What do we need to be aware of about our role as wiki contributers?

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