cooltext421149657.gifRoom 12 recently met with Raymond Huber. They are very keen to get reading his book "Sting"...

An action packed adventure story about a young honey bee called Ziggy who feels as though he is an outsider in his own hive. Sent by the Queen on a mission to discover how other bees live, Ziggy begins to unravel the clues to his own identity and the role of the bees in a secret military project. After a series of adventures involving wasps and humans, Ziggy eventually discovers the truth about his past and leaves to find his real family in the human city.

Once there, they immediately accept him for what he is and together they use their special gifts to defeat a swarm of killer bees threatening the human city.
Sting is a thrilling adventure from a bees point of view that emphasises the importance of our environment and our relationship with animals.

Phoenix is reading a new series that is full of adventure and excitement

Maddy is going to look out for more of Michael Morpurgo's books!

This term, Room 12 is focussing on historic narratives.
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