It is time to farewell the DeClairers! The children who began this project have now moved on. The DeClairers learnt so much and found Web 2 inspiring to the extent that it really helped their learning. Ms Bee wants to thank them for all their hard work and hopes they will become part of the online community giving quality feedback to her current class. She has moved to Room 7 and will be working online with the "Super Scoopers" on their wiki and their blog . Please join us there! The DeClairers would like to wish you all the best for 2010!

This year, the Room 12 DeClairers are learning the true meaning of Web 2!
Their goal is to set up their first online
Learning Network

Watch our discussion to each other on "Super12Scribes"...
We are keen to invite new members from around the world who can take time to give us feedback about our learning...

Eric Fragenheim would be the highlight of our year so far...
He really got us thinking about Goldilocks and the 3 Bears!

During Term One, the Room 12 DeClairers explored their own identity with symbols and pictures. Their individual patches created a quilt. We realise that each of us can contribute our own ideas, beliefs and attitudes to enrich our group IMG_0118.JPG

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